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KIRI Engine API for Business

Integrate cutting-edge 3D scanning APIs into your own product


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What We Offer

KIRI Engine APIs give your product the state-of-the-art 3D scanning technologies from photogrammetry to Neural Surface Reconstruction (NSR). We also provide comprehensive SDKs to enhance your product functionalities.

Photogrammetry APIs

APIs Include:

  • Token Creation APIs

  • Photoset Uploading APIs

  • Object-Masking APIs

  • Processing Status APIs

  • Download 3D Model APIs

  • Get Displayable Model APIs

  • Test Notification APIs

Up to 200 photos per upload API call

A Dedicated Processing Server

3-5 minute processing time


APIs Include:

  • Token Creation APIs

  • Video Uploading APIs

  • Processing Status APIs

  • Download 3D Model APIs

  • Get Displayable Model APIs

  • Test Notification APIs

Up to 2 minutes per video upload API call

A Dedicated Processing Server

10-30 minute processing time

Complimentary SDKs

Photo-taking SDKs 

Integrate our pre-engineered Photo-taking SDKs for both iOS and Android directly into your product to conserve time and cost.


Video-taking SDKs 

Integrate our pre-engineered Video-taking SDKs for both iOS and Android directly into your product to conserve time and cost.

3D Model Viewer SDKs 

We built the 3D Model Viewer SDKs on both iOS and Android that can be implemented into your product directly without additional 3D renderer coding.

Optional SDKs

Advanced Camera SDKs 

Gain the technology to professionally control the built-in cameras with the ability of adjusting camera parameters such as shutter speed and exposure value.

Panorama Photo SDKs 

Create Matter Port style panorama photos on iOS with the Panorama Photo SDKs.

Room Scan SDKs 

Generating 3D layouts and 2D floorplans and measurements for room interiors with the Room Scan SDKs on LiDAR equipped iPhones or iPads.

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  • Who is KIRI Innovations?
    KIRI Innovations is a highly skilled team of people with a singular mission to empower individuals to break free from 2D digital constraints. By developing user friendly 3D technologies and showcasing through our iOS and Android 3D scanning app and API, KIRI-Engine, we merge the captivating essence of the real world into people’s digital connections, creations, and experiences, revolutionizing the way we cultivate and engage with the digital landscape.
  • What can KIRI do?
    KIRI is nothing short of extraordinary. Underneath the KIRI Engine’s playful and enjoyable user interface lies an immensely powerful 3D reconstruction engine, fortified with computer vision and state-of-the-art neural network algorithms. This technological powerhouse transforms a simple smartphone, drone camera, or even an electron microscope into a high-precision 3D scanner. If you can photograph it, we can model it.
  • What is unique about KIRI?
    KIRI's advanced 3D scanning technology, compatible with both iOS and Android, utilizes photogrammetry and Neural Surface Reconstruction to produce superior quality models that stand out among competitors. Leveraging AWS cloud processing, it can generate models from photos and videos taken with nearly any device. The high poly count models, reaching into the millions, are dynamically optimized for premium render quality. KIRI also includes various tools for post-processing adjustments and enhancements. Notably, it allows automatic quad mesh generation from scans, preferred in 3D printing, game and film production, and CAD designs. The models incorporate Physically Based Rendering materials for realistic rendering. KIRI also offers a unique Neural Radiance Field that reconstructs detailed mesh for AR, VFX, and other applications. It can scan interior spaces to produce measurements and floorplans, and even provides advanced camera mode access for improved photo capture in diverse conditions.
  • How does KIRI API work?
    To share the power of KIRI's 3D scanning capabilities, we have developed an API. Now, developers can embed all of KIRI's phenomenal functionality into their own apps or workflows. To access it, please complete the provided form and detail your application needs. If you decide to proceed, we'll discuss terms tailored to your short- and long-term requirements. Upon your readiness to progress, we will establish a unique Discord site to facilitate communication between our engineers and your team. This portal is designed to assist with setup queries, sharing of results or irregularities, requests for additional functionalities, or any other necessary support. KIRI’s API integration is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Does KIRI use A.I.?
    Yes, KIRI has two approaches for 3D scanning, photogrammetry and NSR (Neural Surface Reconstruction). Both methods are used in the field of computer vision and machine learning for constructing 3D models. However, they differ in how they approach the task. Photogrammetry: This feature should be utilized when scanning objects with non-reflective surfaces with rich details, which would produce exceptional results. This approach takes in a photoset around a specific object and utilizes our cloud based algorithm to analyze the feature points of the given object. Our algorithm is calibrated and trained to analyze and recognize feature points of the object's surface within a set of photos. Neural Surface Reconstruction: This method is especially good for scanning things with fewer feature points, that is, objects that are of simple colors, reflective/shiny, or even transparent surfaces. This method focuses primarily on the surface of the objects in the scene. It aims to recover the surface of the 3D object by learning the mapping from 3D points to a signed distance function (SDF) over the entire space, which represents the distance between given points on the object's surface. In a nutshell, while both are employed for 3D modeling, photogrammetry analyzes the features of an object, while NSR focuses on precise surface geometry.
  • How do you handle data privacy and security?
    Data security and privacy issues are a major concern for us. Our team understands the critical importance of this subject. We have taken great efforts to protect data, utilizing AWS as our main method for protection as well as having Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) around data privacy and security. As a further measure, all the data uploaded through the API will only be stored for 10 days, in case there is a technical issue and it must be revisited, but after 10 days of storage, all records of that specific dataset will be permanently deleted.
  • How scalable is KIRI?
    KIRI is highly scalable. Because we use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as our server and computational power, we are unlimited in our scalability. So for instance, as you grow and the scanning needs increases from hundreds per month to thousands or even millions of scans, our API would be able to handle that volume.


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